Grieving is part of depression. With depression come loss. Depression may have changed your feelings so that even positive things are seen negatively.

You may not “be yourself”.  Your energy levels are lower, you socialize less, you may think less clearly, medicines often have unwanted side effects.

You may feel as though you are not the same person as before depression. These losses are real.

Foggy headed, I remember one incident while severely depressed, I became confused driving familiar roads. It was startling and frightening. Afterwards I grieved over being confused.

I was angry, shocked about this symptom of my depression. Embarrassed I wondered what was happening to me. I wondered if this would be a permanent.

I grieved over “not being me.”

What is the answer to the questions?  First, remember there are treatments that can lift the fog of depression.  There are many treatments with new ones being pioneered every day. Don’t give in to grief.

Two, this depression will pass.

Three, with the help of your doctors and therapists look at your depression management program and see if changes are needed.

One of the first questions we ask in the middle of these “losses” is:  Why?  Why me, God?

Is it totally random?  Is it because of personal circumstances?  Is it the result of dysfunctional cognitive functioning?  Is is genetic?  Chemical?

We may never know.  What I have found helpful is to begin asking, “How” instead of “Why”.  Since I am depressed how will I deal with it.  If I can’t control having the disease, how can I manage it?

When you are grieving don’t beat yourself up.  Grief requires emotional and physical rest.  Grief is a process different for everyone. Take care of your physical needs, eat well, exercise and spend time with positive people.

One of the things that helps process grief is to repeat your story. In the repetition the mind and heart process feelings.

Allow yourself to grieve.

With the best of your ability turn to God as your refuge.

Psalm 46:1-2  “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.”

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  1. Thank you thank you very much for this and all other messages,communicatioopportunities to grow o Pastor Brad all those get this and other messages to me and others giving hope,peace,comfort,renewed belief possibilities of joys service productivity tos, clarity acceptance and understanding,light into unresolvedhaving given my total being all of me,heart mind life to and loved ,sought, wanted to serve,follow, toanaccepted,loved,sought first things alove,re-assurance/reminding of reality &truths known and new teaching of more of the same aboutabouChrist,scriptures wisdomktruthadmonishmentconnected with fresh hope for more than can ever well enough be expressed in words by anyone thank you thank you thank you over and over and again for all you have helped with your honesty,sharing your own insights,how tos knowledgeinsights,otruth,giving hope,love,encouragement, more peace comprehensionreminders of known and and new known instruction,insights,into real truth,understandingeace gearnedpeace,omrehension,acceptance n,lovehope,assist,painstakingly,even amidst in your own struggles and pain, and challenges ffor hope,encouragement,aloving ing My mental health and or physical whatever day and all others for your love, sharing of endinghank you!! Again and again for so many many loving messages of honesty and better understanding,acceptance ,comprehension of despite loving God accepting Him/Chist/Holy Spirit’s salvation,giving all of me to Him and seeking with all I have llight, love,sanit sent and your self-sacrificing genuine honesty and proof of your honest comfort, sharing t This is where I have been off and on more and more frequently now again and especially today. I appreciate all you and so many all do and share generously and have done and have God to use you in with thesmessages of hope persevering allowed to o type out and email to you how much streams of water in the desert love comfort and understanding better comprehension persevering help you have sent to me . Finally I get this much out . I love you and thank you all very much. Thank you all for your painstaking, time consuming giving of your use of your many amazing God given writing expression and other gifts, talents, insights, lessons learned re the bible and Christ and overcoming, strengthened, persevering being ipurposefully,meaningfully, productively, wisely and how to unselfish Christlike honesty and Revelations in midst of your own pain and trials obedience to God’s call to God’s gloryand in Him with Him pointing anew and again others to to Him share with, better,truthfullyeducate teach encourage honestly actually educate the church, medical profession, the whole world and of course

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