In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, Pastor Brad interviews Chaplain Joy Stevens.  Joy is a Master Facilitator for the Trauma Healing Institute of the American Bible Society.

Joy and Brad discuss what trauma is and the trauma healing classes that the Trauma Healing Institute is sponsoring in both churches and jails.  They also talk about the healing and hope that is coming from the classes and what is necessary in order for trauma, which is a wound of the heart, to heal.

Please know, if you have experienced hope in your life, what happened to you matters.  There is hope and healing.

Joy’s calling is to introduce the Trauma Healing Classes within hundreds of jails and prisons that the Good News and Jail Ministry is connected with through out the United States.  Why?  Because most the vast majority of people who are incarcerated have had trauma; trauma that wounded them very deeply and they have ended up acting out in their lives, due to the trauma.  The trauma must be healed in order for behaviors can change.

Joy Stevens has been a jail chaplain with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry since 2011 working in corrections since 1996 where she started her career on death row in Lincoln She became Trauma Healing Coordinator with her ministry in March of 2017 after partnering with American Bible Society and will be training chaplains and volunteers in jails and prisons around the nation.  Joy will be visiting prisons in Kenya and Rwanda, Africa in July to look into the feasibility of introducing Healing Wounds of Trauma into their prisons.  She is a Master Facilitator with the Trauma Healing Institute.

In this edition of Fresh Hope, you’ll hear about the wonderful things that the Lord is doing through these trauma healing classes.

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