To the Friends of Fresh Hope

I’m wanting to put together an inspirational video for the closing of our upcoming Night of Inspiring Hope gala using the song Hope from Heaven. Here’s what I need your help with – I need you to make a video (just a few seconds long) with you holding a sign that you have made on a sheet of paper or cardboard. On that sign, you can express thanks such as:

-He’s my hope from heaven.
-You’ve given me hope.
-Thanks for giving hope.
-Because of you, I have hope.
-No longer hopeless
-Got hope?
– Jesus is my Hope
-I’ve got Fresh Hope etc….you get the idea.

Just make a sign that you’re holding up in a five-second video. Smile and send it to me….and if you can’t do the video, then take a picture of you with a sign that you’ve made.

img_5816This video will play while people are making their contributions at the end of the gala dinner…so, it’s a thank you to those who have given, are giving – and recognition that we have hope and that ultimately Jesus is our hope from Heaven. By the way, have fun with it. It does not have to be all serious. Or you can be smiling and laughing on it. It does not need sound.

When you have finished it, please attach it to a message to me on Facebook or email it to me at or upload it to DropBox and send me the link to it. Or you can upload it to YouTube and send the link to me.

I need it no later than next Monday, April 9th.

I hope to have so many folks respond that I’m overwhelmed with responses!

Thank you!
Pastor Brad

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