New Online Fresh Hope Group for Those with a Co-Occurring Diagnosis

Fresh Hope is pleased to announce that we have a new online group meeting starting this Thursday, October 19th, at 8 p.m. Central Time Zone.  The weekly meetings will be for those who have a co-occurring diagnosis as well as for those who love those who have a co-occurring diagnosis.  The meeting is weekly and is FREE.  However, you do have to sign-up for the meeting before going the first time.  You can sign up for the meeting or find out more information about it by clicking here.  Note, you want to sign up for Meeting 2- as it is the co-occurring group.CoOccurring 2

A significant portion of folks who face an ongoing mental health challenge also have addiction issues.  Through the years of holding hundreds of Fresh Hope for Mental Health groups, we have had requests to provide specialized Fresh Hope groups that focus on co-occurring issues.  So, we’re excited to introduce this new group.

This group does also include anyone who loves someone who has co-occurring issues.

It will be a weekly meeting held online.  The group will be a safe and secure environment for people to support one another in their mental health and addiction recovery.  We have special tenets for this group as the issues of both a mental health diagnosis and addiction issues provide unique challenges to those who live with co-occurring challenges.  The focus of the group will be on empowering and encouraging one another to live well in spite of the co-occurring issues in their lives.

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