In this video Katie R. Dale from reads the letter that she wrote to the pastor who misguided her regarding taking medicine for bipolar disorder.  Pastors need to see this video to help them realize how serious their lack of understanding is regarding mental illness.  Why?  Because more people go first to a clergy than to their doctor, a therapist, a psychologist and/or psychiatrist combined!  Pastors are on the front lines of the mental health crisis!

Please watch this video and share it on social media, it’s one way to begin to address the “elephant” in the sanctuary!

Letter to a Misguiding Pastor by Katie R. Dale from Brad Hoefs on Vimeo.

One thought on “The “Elephant” in the Sanctuary

  1. A lot I could say about this…I have been in those shoes once myself years ago. However, as I have come further along in my faith and recovery walk, I see room for both. I take care of my self recovery wise with medications, therapy, recovery skills, support, etc. I also have seen my faith grow and flow over time. I believe if God chooses to heal supernaturally He can and will. It is his choice, not mine, not dependent on my or others prayers and levels of faith. After all grace is grace and that is the beauty of it. I’m loved by God no matter who, what or how I am, and accepting that is also a beautiful part of recovering from my mental illness. -Carol Kennedy recovering daily from Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD and a dash of OCD thinking for good measure!

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