By: Stan Popovich

Have you ever been bullied at your job or in your personal life?  Do you currently know someone who is being bullied?  A person who is being bullied have higher rates of depression and anxiety which can be a factor in a person’s life.

As a result, here are some suggestions on how to deal with a bully and how to get them to stop bothering you.

  1. Show People That You Are Confident In Yourself: It is important to believe in yourself and that you display confidence when dealing with others. Bullies tend to bother people who are unsure about themselves so it is important that other people know that you have a lot of self-confidence. This will prevent a bully from targeting you.
  2. Always Stand Up For Yourself: Always stand your ground when dealing with conflict from others. Let people know that you will stand up for yourself when some people get on your case. This will show others that you will not sit by and be bullied without doing anything about it. This will make the bullies think twice before bothering you.
  3. There Is Safety In Numbers: If you can, it is good to hang out with a group of friends whether it is at your job or in your personal life. A bully will tend to go after somebody who is alone and by themselves. A bully will less likely bother you if they know that you have a group of people that will back you up. Even if you have trouble making friends, just having acquaintances can go a long way in preventing someone from getting on your case.
  4. Learn How To Deal With A Bully: If you are being bullied, it is important to learn effective techniques on how to deal with the situation.  A person can talk to a professional counselor who will help you on what you can do when you are being bullied. A person can also go to a local mental health support group in their area that can give you additional advice. The key is to learn what you need to do to stop someone from bullying you.
  5. Never Show Them Your Emotions: If someone decides to get on your case, it is a good idea to not let the person know they are getting to you. Letting a bully know that they are bothering you will only make things worse. Never show the bully your fears or frustrations. Hopefully, the person will get tired of bothering you and they will find somewhere else to go.

6. Talk To The Person: If possible, talk to the person who is bothering you and find out why they are getting on your case. Ask them if you did anything wrong that made them angry. Try to find the reason why he or she is bothering you. Stay calm and be polite when talking to the person who is harassing you. Hopefully, there may be a chance to reconcile with that person.

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