On Thursday night, April 6th, in Omaha, Nebraska we held our second annual Night of Inspiring Hope Gala.  CHI Healthcare hosted the event at their Omaha corporate headquarters.  Over 250 people were in attendance.  Sheila Walsh was our main speaker. It was a wonderful evening!

One part of the evening was the formal presentation of this year’s Inspiring Hope Awards to five Fresh Hope group members from across the United States.  It was a real inspiration to hear their stories.  The awards were given by last year’s recipients of the Inspiring Hope awards.  We’ve included the video from that night.  It was our first real attempt to stream live an event.  However, due to last minute problems with our set up for the live streaming we had to revert to using a cell phone in order to stream it.  But, we believe even though it was done on a smart phone- you can still appreciate the emotions and inspiration of the presentations.

By the way, included in this video is also author, Amy Simpson’s, receiving the Inspiring Hope award along with her brief message.  By next week we hope to have to you Sheila Walsh’s message from April 6th.

Enjoy!  And my you find great hope and inspiration in this video!  

Click on this link and it will take you to the video on YouTube:  

2017 Presentation of the Inspiring Hope Awards

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Here’s a few pictures from the Night of Inspiring Hope


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