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One of the many resources that Fresh Hope for Mental Health offers is webinars regarding mental health issues.  Our first three webinars are intended to help church leaders understand the issues surrounding mental illnesses as well as the church’s role in assisting people to access mental health care. Other topics included are how the church-at-large can be a provider of hope to those who suffer as well providing hope to the families of those who suffer.

Did you know that more people have a mental illness in the United States than those with cancer, heart disease, HIV & Aids, and diabetes combined (taken from Troubled Minds, by Amy Simpson, pages 35-37)!  It’s time for the Christian church to step up and offer hope to those who have a mental health issue.  The Christian church has the hope that can play a key in someone’s mental health recovery.  In fact, research shows that when faith plays a role in someone’s mental health recovery, they get better faster and stay better longer.

While these first three webinars primarily focus on information for church leaders, anyone is welcome to attend.  We especially want to encourage you to pass this information on to your church leaders.

To register for any one or all of these webinars merely click on the icon/picture of the webinar or listed title.

How Churches Can Facilitate Mental Health Care

Webinar 3

What I Wish My Pastor Knew About Mental Health


Understanding Mental Illness from a Biblical Perspective


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